Ways You Can Make Your Food Last Longer

At times, you might want to buy a certain type of food in bulk to cut down on expenses. Or, you might even want to hold on to a certain seasonal fruit a little bit longer. Generally, storing food and keeping it fresh is a strenuous task.

But, there are a lot of storage options that you can make use of this time. And, the good thing is that they are not as hard as you would think they are. After all, we would not want to be wasting food away over things that we can prevent.

So, this article is going to give you the different ways that you can store different types of food. These easy steps will have you back to your online casino gaming in no time.

Dairy Food Go at the Back

Usually, it is easy to just store you milk at the side of the of the fridge door. This will be the easiest way to just grab your milk quickly and go. However, this is the least cold part of the fridge. Therefore, your milk will go bad in time.

According to research, the best part to put your dairy product is the back part because it is the coldest part as well. The side part will have to be for your water only.

Meat Goes to the Bottom Shelf

Meat is another perishable that is hard to keep. This is because the slightest change in temperature may end up spoiling your meat. Therefore, you will need to make sure that it is also placed at the coldest part of the fridge.

But, the juices and blood tend to drip a little. And, that may end up causing the other food to go bad. So, you will need to make sure the meat is at the bottom shelf of the fridge, that way, it will not end up ruining anything. Or, better still, you will have to place it in a lunchbox or non-leaking container.

 Store Your Herbs in Water

Before, you put those herbs in water. Cover them up in a plastic and place them in a jug of water. That way, they will last longer and will stay fresh as well. Just make sure that you cut off the stems otherwise they might end up growing.

Do Not Store Your Onions near Your Potatoes

Storing your fruit and vegetables can be quite complicated. Meaning, if you miss a point and place something wrongly, they will go bad quickly. For example, the chemicals in onions and potatoes will not allow you to mix the two together otherwise they will get bad in no time.


Additionally, some fruits and vegetables last longer in room temperature. Therefore, you do not have to necessarily put them in the fridge. For example, Avocados, pears, tomatoes, potatoes, onions and bananas will actually last longer when being stored at room temperature.

Always Store Your Grains in Air-Tight Containers

Grains can easily get messy if not stored properly. Hence, you will end up finding bugs and insects in your grain. Additionally, if you are buying the grains in bulk then you will have to remember the dates of purchasing. That way, you will not end up forgetting a certain batch of grain.